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The Ingredients

helwé cosmetics are natural and efficient products

On one hand, my active ingredients are present in large quantities for a maximum efficiency on the skin—there lies the success of an efficient cosmetics product.

On the other hand, the products I use are made from natural ingredients such as invaluable cold-pressed vegetable oils, waxes, vitamins, extracts from aromatic plants as well as extracts from organic fruits and vegetables that originate from the Mediterranean area and different regions of Lebanon.

Here are my favorites:

My favorite vegetable oils:

  • Apricot kernel and sea-buckthorn oils for the bright complexion they bring about;
  • Olive oil.

My favorite essential oils:

  • Sweet scented geranium essential oil (anti-wrinkle, anti-stain, under-eye concealer, very moisturizing and used for devitalized skins);
  • Cistus ladanifer essential oil (anti-wrinkle, rosacea, anti-aging, under-eye concealer);
  • Holy basil essential oil for its anti-aging effect.

Mediterranean fruits and vegetables:

  • Tomato and its lycopene, which has anti-wrinkle and skin-lightening effects;
  • Cucumber extracts;
  • Pomegranate and rose CO2 extracts, which are powerful antioxidants;
  • Blueberry, sweet orange and lime extracts, which are natural sources of fruit acids.

My favorite wildflowers:

  • Common daisy for its face-lift effect;
  • Calendula for its soothing effect;
  • Chamomile for its calming, hydrating, soothing effect.

My favorite molecules:

Vitamin C, resveratrol, Centella asiatica, retinol, Hyaluronic acid.